Euro-Systems S. à r.l. was founded in 1991 by Jürgen Räsch and Holger Sieck, who were running a business for signmaking equipment at that time. Because in those days the available signmaking software was more or less custom-made on manufacturer-specific systems and very expensive, they decided to develop their own software.
On the basis of the revolutionary user interface of Microsoft Windows, EUROSYSTEMS developed with EuroCUT a stand-alone open-architecture signmaking software which set benchmarks regarding intuitive operationality, ergonomics and value for money.

Since 1994 we used the Corel SDK and developed CoCut - the world's first vinyl-cutting software plug-in for CorelDRAW - and one of the most successful ideas in the signmaking software market began. In 1997 Euro-Systems became an official Corel Solution Partner.

CoCut met the strong demand in the signmaking market for software which works closely with CorelDRAW, the major design software in the PC market.

Signmakers all over the world loved the idea of having software fully integrated in the CorelDRAW desktop, which makes CorelDRAW cut simply by pressing a button without importing and exporting.

Soon after, users of Adobe Illustrator wanted the same ease-of-use and error-free cutting in a fraction of the time it takes to export/Import - and in 1998, CoCut delivered with additional plug-ins for Illustrator. Next came support for FreeHand, and then AutoCAD support was added to CoCut Pro. During the years CoCut became more and more powerful. New special graphic features for signmaking were added. 2014 plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and Inkscape were integrated. 2016 the plug-Ins were completed with the CorelDesigner macro. The result of all these development steps? No other cutting-plug-in supports more Design, Illustration, or CAD programs.

The CoCut portfolio consists of CoCut Standard and CoCut Professional. In combination with Inkscape a particularly inexpensive entry into the signmaking business is possible.

More than 80,000 software products bearing the "Euro-Systems" trademark are working on all continents - perhaps at your site soon. Our commitment for the future includes continued development of technology for the existing signmaking market. We service as well the development to complementary new markets.

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