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OptiScout Front-End - application with post processor
Recommended for:
- Cutting, Lasering, Milling
- Multifunctional flatbed cutters
- All HPGL and G Code
suited machines

What offers Front-End?

Multi-Tool-Head support
Software for Digital Finishing, milling, engraving, lasering, …
Customizable drivers
Automization Workflow Manager with makro editor
Import plug-ins for CAD and Illustration software
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Front-End is a finishing module with Post Processor, that can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. It also offers a wide selection of import and export filters, and a wide range of tools for milling, engraving, cutting and lasering.

Multi-Head flatbed machines like Zünd, Wild, Summa, Aristo, more, can be controlled directly from AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, InDesign, or Inkscape via OptiScout Front-End. The same applies to  a variety of milling and engraving machines!

OptiScout Front-End - More Tools
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