Custom Driver Design and Driver Programming

Development of custom-made EuroCUT device drivers

Driver Design and Driver Programming

Recommended for:

Custom-made drivers for HPGL, GPGL, DMPL or G Code devices

- milling machines, router
- engraving machines
- 2½ axis devices
- Wild flatbeds
- Zünd flatbed devices from P / PN series

Product Info

EuroCUT is delivered with many device drivers for cutters. It is conceived as multi-function program, i.e. the tools which are implemented, are usable also in realms, which do not have to do anything with foil applications. That includes e.g. import of DXF data directly from AutoCAD, tracing of bitmaps, hatching of vector objects and management of plot data of most different kinds.

The 'Plot-Manager' - the output module - can control all machines, which understand HPGL, GPGL, DMPL or G-Code, if 2½ axis is not exceeded. Additionally to the device drivers for most cutters EuroCUT is delivered with basis drivers for various milling and engraving machines. The capacity of these basis drivers orient itself at the features of a Zund P / PN flat bed table with milling and engraving option. Among the basic functions to be supported are rank tool changes, controlling of the milling depth, the indication of maximum and last milling depth, the offset, as well as drill holes.

Individual, custom-made device driver programming begins only now!

With the 'Driver Editor' custom-made device drivers can be generated as well as generic 2½ axis device drivers can be programmed. Such machine functions e.g. are: adjusting with selections of equipment parameters, remote control, pouncing, status messages, control of accessory devices, like cooling liquid or vacuum pump.

Driver Editor
Fig 1: Driver Editor with tree structure and parameter fields

Supported devices:

- Direct control via HPGL, GPGL-,
  DMPL or ISO (G Code),…
- Control of 2½ axis CAM machines
  (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

System requirements:

- EuroCUT

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