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Betreff: I want to use USB for the Roland CX 500 | Name: Rene ( | 15.11.2002 00:10:04

I have a roland CX500 and i want to cut via USB. Now i am using cutchoice but i want to use cocut again. 
Who has an anwser? 
Greetings Rene

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Name: John ( | 06.02.2003 18:33:49

I am sorry to report that I do not have an answer, but I do have a customer that is having the same problem/question. We installed the last 
Service Release of CoCut Standard. The drive for the Roland CX500 appears 
and we select it. We get to the CoCut Cut dialog box-select the USB option, but nothing happens when we try to cut. The crazy thing is that the Roland CX500 only has a parallel and USB connection. There is no serial connection. I know of very few people that connect any cutter with the parallel port, but thats just me. However, the good news is that we were able to connect and cut through the parallel port, but as one might expect the Read Width feature of CoCut did not work, but we were able to send and cut things. Additionally, I cant remember if the pressure and speed settings in CoCut worked with the Roland CX500 or if we had to change them on the Roland keypad. 
I hope that this was a little bit helpful, and please let me know if you figured anything out with the USB because I an am pretty sure that my customer has yet to resolve the problem. 
Thank you and good luck. 

Name: Bob ( | 20.08.2004 00:30:56

Are you using windows 98? If so you need to download a win98 usb driver from the roland website. Good luck.

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