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Betreff: Dongle | Name: Zoila ( | 14.09.2011 15:45:16

I am trying to get the Cocut working for the first time. When I install it an run the CoCut, it opens up a little box that says " PlatformID=2, MinorVersion=1, MajorVersion=6, Build Number=7600, CSD Version= " OK BUTTON, 
Then it says "Operating System Unknown" and "Missing Code Number!". It will then close out the CoCut software window and not let me open it.  
I have the Existing Key Number and Doggle, but do not know where or how to enter them. 
Please advise,  
Thank You, 
Zoila C Zambrano 
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Name: wlodik ( | 04.01.2016 14:05:04

I have the same problem, plz quick help me

Name: Christian Weller ( | 04.01.2016 14:10:55

The version you have is not compatible with the windows version you have. 
See here: 

Name: wlodik ( | 04.01.2016 14:19:08

so, if i have the win 10 i need reintstal back to win 7 ? or maybe is some another option for repair this problem ?  
I pay a lot of many for new PC and i need worked on win 10 and i need using cocut 4x4 on this deskopt

Name: Christian Weller ( | 04.01.2016 14:31:35

CoCut 4X4 is not compatible with Windows 8/8.1/10 you have to go back to Windows 7 or you have to buy a upgrade to the newest CoCut version.

Name: wlodik ( | 04.01.2016 14:35:50

ok, I have veriosn so now i just need buy the CoCut standard 2015, upgrade feom CoCut for 179.00 and it will work ?  

Name: Christian Weller ( | 04.01.2016 14:51:39

When you have a CoCut 4X4 Standard version it is correct.

Name: wlodik ( | 04.01.2016 15:18:37

it dosent worked, sometimes when i try the open cocut from deskopt (using administrator) i have comunicate data in not aviable ;/  
only when i try to open program with options from windows 8 i have problem like Zoila write up

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