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Betreff: Roland PNC-950 doesnt work on parallel port | Name: LaMar Mindler ( | 15.03.2003 22:38:08

My cutter is unpredictable and erratic on the parallel port. I tried it on the serial port and it works there. I would prefer using the parallel port if I can get it working. Any help? 
I downloaded and installed the latest driver and I know that the hardware is functional.

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Name: Horst Krämer ( | 19.03.2003 15:42:49

Which cutting software did you use?

Name: LaMar Mindler ( | 19.03.2003 16:12:59

I am currently using CoCut Pro 10. 
I have been using CoCut 8 for several years on the parallel port with no problems.

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