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Betreff: New hardware installed (coreldraw 12) with cocut 11 professional | Name: Stella ( | 08.06.2005 23:31:51

I have just installed my new software coreldraw 12 and cannot figure out how to get a Knife icon on the new toolbar to use my graphtec to cut my layouts can anyone help!!! thanks

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Name: Horst Krämer ( | 09.06.2005 08:26:49

download the latest CoCut service release from 
Start the installation of the service release and select Modify. 
In the next dialog select CoCut for CorelDRAW 12 under CoCut AutoExport and click on next. 
After the installation has finished start CorelDRAW 12 and follow this steps to link the CoCut script with the CorelDRAW 12 toolbar: 
- Select the menu Tools/Adjustment 
- From the left-hand set of options select Workspace/Customize/Command 
- Click once in the File box on the right of the list of options, select Macros and drag CoCut12.CoCut... to the menubar of CorelDRAW 12. 
- Click OK in the Options dialog box

Name: Ann ( | 15.11.2005 03:45:52

Greetings,I cannot seem to get COCUT installed. Every time it seems like its done I get the invalid dongle number on the copy protection box. Please help. Thanks

Name: Horst Krämer ( | 15.11.2005 08:26:17

There can be two reasons for this error message: 
1. The number in brackets is not different from your dongle number 
In this case you have typed the wrong serial number or installed the wrong software.  
That means you have installed CoCut Standard, for example, although you have a product number for CoCut Professional.  
You can find the correct number in your manual or on your invoice.  
2. The number in brackets is different from your dongle number. 
If you are using a dongle for the parallel port, first of all delete all the printer drivers connected to the LPT port and remove any devices plugged in behind the dongle. 
If the error persists after the drivers have been deleted, test the dongle on another computer. 
If the error occurs on the other computer as well, your dongle has been overwritten and needs replacing. Contact your dealer about this. 

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