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Betreff: Vector Image from CorelDraw3 ends up as a Bitmap Image in CoCut Pro | Name: Henry ( | 23.07.2010 21:45:30

I am able to link CorelDraw13 with CoCut Pro. The problem is that when the Vectorized image gets exported out of CorelDraw, it ends up as a Bitmap image in CoCut. Can anyone out there please help!

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Name: Henry ( | 23.07.2010 21:50:02

In referecnce to my previous question of "Vector image ends up as Bitmap in CoCut". It is "CorelDrawx3" not Coreldraw3 as stated. Sorry!

Name: Erwin ( | 01.11.2014 09:23:26

i have the the same problem. Is there anyone with a solution?

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