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Betreff: compatability between co cut and a graphtec fc2100-50 | Name: Mick Stamp ( | 09.09.2000 21:04:35

I would like to know if co cut is capable of working a graphtec fc2100-50 plotter and how to transfer a scanned image from corel draw 8 to co cut.Best wishes mick.

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Name: Hans Friedrich Holz ( | 11.09.2000 09:30:55

Dear Mr. Stamp, 
CoCut can be used with a Graphtec FC-Series plotter.  
If you have a scanned image, you first must vectorize/trace it, so that you get curves, which can be plottet. You can use programs like EuroVECTOR, Adobe Streamline, CorelTrace etc. for a vectorization of bitmaps.  
Best regards 
Hans Friedrich Holz / Support

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