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Betreff: How to run multiple usb cutters at once? | Name: Tim ( | 19.10.2014 06:14:41

I have a few Summa cutters all connected via USB and 1 Cocut Pro. 1 laptop with 2 usb ports. 1 used for wireless mouse. Other to 4 port powered usb. Plotters connected to hub. But only says usb port1??? Seems they all share port1? Cannot plot with other 3. How do I separate them to different usb ports so all work simultaneously?

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Name: Tim ( | 19.10.2014 16:39:36

Hopefully someone knowledgeable at EuroSystems can help here as I notice 99% of forum users here are clueless and look for answers with very minimal answers from anyone. Dedicating at least 1 employee from EuroSystems would make a world of difference in nice customer support for their business. Forums at Corel, Adobe , etc do this.... users help each other..but when something beyond the users, an employee will jump in the help.

Name: Christian Weller ( | 20.10.2014 09:41:04

Itīs not a CoCut issue. 
See here for example( 4-8 to set your cutter to a other USB Class or contact Summa when this feature is not available. 

Name: Tim ( | 20.10.2014 19:22:34

Thank you Christian for your help...very much appreciated..and a nice surprise! : ) 
thank you, youve been quite helpful!

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