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Betreff: Which brand name or manufacturer is better for entry-level cutter? | Name: Selim Cay ( | 28.07.2005 19:31:24

I am searching for an affordable entr level vinyl cutter. My budget is around $2000 or less. And Ive impressed by SummaCut D60. However, I am not sure if this is the right choice or not. I am planning to cut mostly Self-adhesive vinyl (or paper?) 
Thank you in advance. 
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Name: Selim ( ) | 29.07.2005 23:33:48

1 Graphtech 24" {CE3000Mk2-60} 
2 SummaCut D60 Desktop 
3 Roland Camm-1 Servo GX-24 Desktop 
4 Panther ? (could not find their website and models) 
Hi, I am planning to purchase a vinyl cutter. This something additional to my business.  
Here, what I want and what I wanna do... 
I need a 24" cutter without any tracking, cutting, and other operational problems (as far as Ive heard from other people)  
Mostly, I am thinking of cutting self-adhesive films, vinyl, and/or paper. 
I also noticed that there is issued of blade pressure (ie. Graphtech: 300g/f, Roland: 250g/f, SummaCut: 400g/f) I just want to know, how the cutting pressure is important? I also noticed that, If I wanna cut someting thicker I will use a higher(or different) angle blade!? Is this true? Or the cutting pressure comes into the picture? 
Another thing is material thickness, for example SummaCut can cut max. thicknesses of 0.03" (0.8mm). How important is this issue? Or can it be overcomed with different blades? 
Next, mechanical resolution? How important? Do I need a resultion of 0.0005"? Or resolution of 0.001" will be just engouh? 
And finally, What do you think about motor drive technology. Actually I know that Graphtech and Roland uses servomotors, but should this be a key determinant to look for? 
I highly appreciate any kind of information. 
Thank You...

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