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Betreff: I have an Ioline plotter. where do I set the cutting pressure? | Name: Sherrie Dunn ( | 07.05.2003 16:10:16

Ive used cocut for acouple of years now. Its great!!! 
I was told that setting cutting pressure on the plotter itself is just for fine tuning and that I should set the pressur ewithin the software. Where do I go to set such preferences? 
(Every once in a while the plotter cuts to deep & makes for a difficult application. I understand that the vinyl itself may not be perfect in its thickness...but I would like to know where to set preferences such as this and looping etc) 
thank you

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Name: Sherrie | 07.05.2003 16:17:16

I forgot to mention I have cocut9 3/2000 witn corel 9 for now.

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