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Betreff: zugriff verweigert | Name: Thomas Wimmer ( | 01.08.2000 16:55:27

We've got a problem since our new installation of Win98. Com-port is O.K. 
and testet - LPT1: is O.K. and testet - there's no other device connected. 
But if we try to plot something we get the not very verbous message: Access 
denied (Zugriff verweigert). - Any idea - would be VERY amazing. 
Thank You

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Name: Hans Friedrich Holz ( | 02.08.2000 15:13:13

Dear Mr. Wimmer, 
you normally get such messages, if you use the wrong COM-port or if the COM-port is already in use by another software or driver (such as tableau or modem drivers). If you are sure, that no other software has access to the choosen COM-port, it often helps, do delete the serial driver in the system control and then let Windows detect the ports again. 
Best regards 
Hans Friedrich Holz / Support

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