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Betreff: Importing Graphics | Name: M.Ladd ( | 07.07.2000 16:52:27

If I wanted to cut a particular companys logo, what file formats would  
or could I work with. As you know,each graphics software package produces  
its own file extensions. Is this question relavent or does CoCut /CoCut Pro 
make it a non-factor. Thanks.

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Name: Hans Friedrich Holz ( | 10.07.2000 08:55:20

Dear Mr. Ladd, 
This question isnīt relevant for CoCut because it cuts directly from CorelDRAW and doesnīt save files. If you want to save a particular logo to cut it per drag & drop, save it as CMX- or EPS-file. 
Best regards 
Hans Friedrich Holz / Support

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