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Betreff: Cocut Pro Service Release Change | Name: Bruce Knevitt ( | 14.10.2000 18:14:30

Hello, I have a Vinyl Express GRC-61 24" cutter, on the last Service Release, When I cut I have lost the ability to change cutting pressure(now I have *** instead of numbers, and the heading for speed is gone. 
Can you advise what has happened. 
Thank You 

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Name: Hans Friedrich Holz ( | 16.10.2000 08:53:13

Dear Mr. Knevitt,  
we have removed the command "FS" for the cutting pressure, because the GRC plotters had a problem, if the pressure command was send twice. This means, if you send a second job to the plotter without switching it off and on, it didnīt accept the pressure command.  
If you really want to use the pressure command, open the driver editor with Ctrl-Shift-P and enter "FS" in the field "Pressure".  
Best regards  
Hans Friedrich Holz  

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